Lately my eyes have been getting strained. I notice that it just feels good to close them now and then. I am getting enough sleep. Why do I have eye strain? I find that I am starring at a screen for a large portion of my day! Since the pandemic, many of us have had the opportunity to continue to work from home. Although we are grateful, it demands that we spend more time than in the past on our computers and even looking at our small cell phone screen.

Have you noticed that at night sometimes we cannot see the stars and the night sky because of the artificial lights from the houses and in the city? It appears that everyone is using their technology now more than ever. Technology in and of itself is not bad. It has brought us much good. Let's compare:


1. Technology makes me more efficient -

This is true. I can type faster than I can write. I can contact people and take care of business in an efficient manner. I can even cook faster with new technology.

2. Technology connects me to the world and other people -

I can certainly see other people right away when I call them. Most times, I can connect via a secure platform and meet without even leaving home. I can shop with just a touch of a

button. I can get the news at any time of day.

3. Technology is fun -

Ask anyone - playing games on my phone can be fun. I can play a

game by myself or connect with someone else and play. I can even do puzzles or color a

picture. It is fun!

4. Technology empowers me -

I feel good when I can use new technology. I feel satisfied, as if I have learned a new and

needed skill.


1. Technology is difficult -

Sometimes no matter what I try, I just cannot get my "smart" TV to work. Sometimes the


iFi goes out and nothing works! Sometimes, it is just plain too difficult to understand.

2. Technology is expensive -

My cable bill seems to be getting more expensive each month. The newer (and better)

phones and computers and camera, etc. just keep going up in price.

3. Technology isn't safe -

Can someone spy on me through my websites? Computer? Cell phone? Are predators

lurking to "talk" with my children? How do I keep my family safe?

4. Technology creates dependence -

If everything only works with my WiFi or with cable, etc. - what will happen if the power

goes out? Everything seems to be inter-dependent and connected too much.

What can I do about this? It is important to set limits. Talk to everyone in your family or household and decide when it is OK to use your phone, games, etc. Agree to talk with one another without having any technology present. In other words, make an agreement. Then experiment. Try things out and see if it works. See if your decisions are reasonable and if everyone is able to follow through. Change what doesn't work.

Lastly, check yourself and one another. Remind each other how important they are and how much you like to connect with them in person. Try playing board games and doing other activities. Remind yourselves that it is fun to be together.

Now more than ever, we must remember who we are. We must remember that we are social creatures who like and need face to face time. It is important to sometimes take a walk without our phone. It is OK to experience life with our eyes and ears and not always behind the lens of a cell phone or a camera. We need to pay more attention to one another. We need to pay more attention to ourselves.

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