A safe and prosperous New Year to each of you. Have you made a New Year's resolution? Do you usually make a New Year's resolution? Do you normally keep the resolution that you have made? What does resolution even mean?

I asked a few people about their New Year's resolutions and what they think about the idea. Most people think that making a New Year's resolution is a marketing gimmick that works well for gyms and health fitness groups. Other's think that it is a time to take stock of our lives and to organize ourselves and our behavior. Most agree - they simply do not keep their New Year's resolution!

WOW! There are many meanings for the word resolution. It can mean "making something clear" - particularly when talking about a camera - the resolution was clear. It can mean "something settled or resolved" - finding a solution to a problem. The most common meaning of the word resolution at this time of year is a "decision to do something or behave in a certain manner." They all seem to work when we are talking about New Year's resolutions.

Let's be clear - we don't need a microscope or a high definition camera to know that this time of year can be an opportunity to clear the "stuff" out of our lives. It's time to get the holiday decorations put away. We can do some real cleaning when doing this. De-cluttering our homes can also help de-clutter or clear our minds.

Do you over-indulge during the holidays? Do you eat too much, drink too much, spend too much, etc? This can be a problem, right? Now we need to find a solution to the problem. Often a New Year's resolution is just that. It is our attempt to solve a problem that we are finding difficult to change. This is an opportunity to begin to make that change.

Most of all - making a resolution is an activity. It is a call to do something. It is time to decide how we want to behave as we move forward this year. It can involve doing something physically but it can also mean making decisions. It is a time to move forward.

I think that this is a perfect time of year to do all of those things. It is a great time to clear the clutter and negative stuff out of our lives. This is the time to find solutions - look for ways to solve some of the problems that we think we have in our lives. Most of all it is a great opportunity to make positive changes in our lives - to do something to follow our own belief system and values. It is a time to plan. It is an opportunity to remember to do this daily. Why wait for January 1st? Shouldn't we do this each and every day? What will you resolve to do this year?

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