Good Morning, Everyone!

I apologize for not keeping up with my blogging! I have been very busy this last month. Here are my excuses - I was traveling for over 2 weeks in October. Upon my return, I was ill and was thrilled to be able to go to work but did little else! Of course, when one has been gone, work seems to pile up so that took up quite a bit of my time. I have not even mentioned family but let's add them into the mix and Whew! - I have been busy. What do you think? Are they pretty good excuses?

Let's talk about excuses today. Let's be honest - we all have made excuses and pretty much everything is an excuse, right? Most of the time the word excuse is defined in somewhat negative terms. One definition is: A reason or explanation put forward to justify an offense. Another is: An attempt to defend or justify. Both appear to say that there was fault or blame somewhere and they do sound negative.

However, do we need to see excuses as all bad? I would suggest that we look at them and focus on the word explanation. Let me explain. In this case, it would appear that blogging was not on my priority list - that is true! When faced with family and work and feeling ill I felt that I had to give something up. In this case it was blogging (a few other things, too)! Maybe we could say that I had to set healthy boundaries for myself.

We all have struggled with setting healthy boundaries. Sometimes I have felt overwhelmed and just can't seem to do one more thing. That's when I have to use some of my coping strategies (from my toolbox) and set up a list - a priority list. I use lists, I set deadlines for myself and I am blessed to have people in my life who remind me that I do not have to be Wonder Woman (although we all know that I am!).

What's in your toolbox? Do you have strategies in place when you feel overwhelmed? Today's challenge is to actually write these strategies down - make a list. Learn to say no when you must or when it's appropriate. Only then can we decide if the word excuse is a positive or a negative.

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