Have the Day You Have

Have you had a day where you were just not sure how you felt? If people said - how is your day going? You really are just not sure how to respond! There is really nothing "wrong" but you are just not sure if you are happy. Ever have that happen? That's how my day has been!

It is August and the weather here in Michigan has decided that it is the end of September - chilly and fall like! What?! I LOVE summer. It really can't be ending just yet, right? The sun was shining but it was chilly! (There's no such thing as climate change though, right?)

That's ok, I thought. We have just gotten back from a relaxing week in northern Michigan - cold, I might add! A little chilly weather is no big thing. Then the sun went in and it became overcast. Again, not a problem. I have a bunch of computer and paperwork that I can do and will feel productive getting it done. That is until the computer site that I was working on decided to freeze! ARRUGHH! Time for lunch!

When my days begin in this way, I get concerned that my down and out frustrated feelings might continue and "ruin" my whole day. The good news is: I don't have to let these outside forces "make" me feel lousy. That's right - I'm in control of my feelings. How do I take control? What do I do?

Well the first thing I do is make my bed. Yup! Make my bed - messy bed, messy head. The truth is that no matter what kind of day I have had if I make my bed I know that I have accomplished at least one good thing in my day! (Truthfully, it also feels good to climb into a made bed at night.) Most of us are hardwired to feel good if we are productive. Doing something productive first thing in the morning (like making your bed) starts us off in the right direction.

Secondly, I make a list. When I list the things that I want or need to get done, I feel as if I have a plan or a road map. Otherwise, I will end up just getting more frustrated when I don't remember what it was that I wanted to do! It may not happen to you but it sure does happen to me! You don't have to get all of the things on your list completed. Some might be long term projects or might have to wait for another day. At least you have a plan.

Adjust your expectations. Sometimes we think that we must feel great. If we don't feel great, something is wrong or we are depressed. Of course logically we know that we can't always feel great but that is something that most people in our society strive for - even if it is unrealistic. Think about being OK. What's wrong with that? I like being OK. It really does take the pressure off!

Lastly, phone a friend. Hey, if a game show can do it so can you! Seriously, it can be good to connect and feel connected. It makes a difference what friend you call. Don't phone the friend that annoys you. Don't phone the one that you can't discuss most topics. Phone the one person who uplifts you and lets you rant without telling you that you're the crazy person! When you feel connected and someone truly listens it doesn't seem to matter what the weather outside is doing or what your computer may or may not be doing.

Remember - you are the one in charge of how you feel. Do something productive. Make a plan. Change your expectations. Phone a friend. Most of all - have the day you have!

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