Here comes the Sun!

In the summer the sun comes streaming in through my windows and lets me know that it is time to start my day. This morning as I woke, I could hear the soft patter of rain as it came down hitting the leaves in the trees around the house. I didn't see the sun shining but there was something peaceful about laying there and listening to the soft sounds through the tall trees. The birds were quieter than usual and there were no sounds of lawn mowers or car doors or other Monday morning noises signaling a new day.

I am out of town visiting family so I didn't have anything pressing that made me need to get up and running for so I took the time to listen and practice mindfulness as I thought about my morning and the possibilities of the day. Of course, our ideas of what to do today were becoming more limited because of the weather. It certainly is not my idea of fun to take a walk or go window shopping or exploring while it rains. Quickly the soft sounds of the rain changed to the louder sounds of a harder rainstorm.

Suddenly, I realized that my mood was changing! That peaceful feeling was soon becoming disappointment. If I was not careful, there was a chance that I would allow the weather to actually make me feel depressed. I don't get a chance to see some of these family members as often as I like so I did not want my mood to hamper my visit.

Practicing mindfulness - using my breathing techniques and positive self-talk - I decided that I could feel lousy or I could take advantage of this day to visit with my family and to just spend time together. Since they are no longer little children, their idea of spending quality time often involves eating! We can do that! Enjoying a fun meal we talked and laughed and caught up on our lives. Today without any special appointments pending, we were able to do just that. What a delight to hear these 20-somethings talk about their lives. It is always fun to hear their stories of "remember when?" - often I do not remember the same things they do!

As we sat together we slowly realized that the sun was trying to break through the clouds. It promises to be a pretty evening with rain drops coming off of the trees. The plants are looking lush and everything is green. And YES - the sun is trying to shine through. What a lovely day I had - even if there is rain. I decided how to feel and did not allow the weather "make" me feel a certain way. Is the sun shining through in your day? I hope so.

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