Frustration, Anger, Exhaustion, Peace

Have you ever been really excited about something only to find out you don't get to have it? Have you ever planned for something only to find out that there is no way you are going to participate? How about looked forward to seeing someone only to find out that you don't get to hug them in person? FRUSTRATION!!

I was supposed to be flying out today to visit family and join them in welcoming another family member home only to find out that my flight was cancelled. First there is disbelief because it is 5:45 a.m. and you are just getting ready to load your bag in the car and your phone beeps - thank God for email and text notification. Next you hurry to the computer because you are pretty sure that your phone is not giving you the correct information. Of course, everyone else is trying to find out what is going on, too, so all sites, telephone lines and emails are just not responding.

FRUSTRATION has now truly settled in. The funny thing about frustration is that it can make you lose focus or it can move you forward because you just want to settle the matter. In this case, I was busily trying to contact the airlines in order to book another flight - all while trying not to think about the possibility of not traveling at all.

As my frustration begins to increase ANGER has now settled in. What do you mean your airline has more flights going out today? Find me another flight on another airline! Would you please hold? WHAT? Average hold time is 1 hour and 10 minutes. Thankfully, I do not have to worry about waking someone else in my household up as we are all up and trying to make sense of something that seemingly makes no sense. AAUUUGGG!

As I pace with my phone, EXHAUSTION is beginning to enter the picture. Excitement for an upcoming trip, the early hour and now trying to "fix" a problem can be very wearing. I finally sit down - after all, I have a 1 hour and 10 minute wait (on the phone)! It occurs to me that I can start looking for other flights myself. I do not have to wait on someone else to fix my problem. I can feel my body relaxing. PEACE has not quite settled in but the possibility of peace is there.

Isn't this how much of our life goes? We are busy and energized. We are sure that things are moving along well and then there is a roadblock. We get frustrated and then angry. After all, I did everything the "right" way. By the end of the day we are exhausted and tired and have very little left to give to our families and loved ones. Does peace come after that? Not always.

Today I learned that no matter how much I do "right" - no matter how hard I work - some things are out of my control. I can get frustrated and angry. I may even feel tired but I do not have stay in those emotions. I can decided how I want to feel and how I am going to move forward.

You might be interested to know, that I did NOT get another flight out today. All is not lost! I did get one out tomorrow. I had already made my peace by then. I am delighting in a "bonus" day and thrilled to see the sun out and my flowers blooming. How do you want to feel? I'm going to enjoy my day!

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