Life is Good!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband - and to my fabulous niece. Yesterday, my husband and my niece shared a birthday. Of course, their births are 27 years a part! Each year they enjoy texting one another and have fun recognizing that someone else shares "their" day. Each one has their own way of celebrating. In our case that has changed throughout the years. Having a BIG day was important when we were younger. Going somewhere special or being surprised by our spouse. As we have gotten older, we tend to enjoy a quiet day together and look forward to a great meal!

Of course, we don't always celebrate on just that one day. I believe that birthdays can last a full week - sometimes even a month! In our family it has always been special to celebrate the day with family. Each year that becomes a bit more difficult as families grow and schedules become full. Each year we become just a bit more creaky and have a little less energy. Amidst the party - especially if it is a milestone birthday - the gifts and the special meals, what are we really celebrating?

As we get older - do we get wiser? Each year we seem to see more problems in the world. We lose more people that we love. We realize that there is more heartache in the world. What is there to celebrate? The older I get, the more grateful I am to still be here to model positive behavior, to actively participate in my life and my family's lives and yes, to dispense that wisdom that I am busily accumulating!

Without each older generation our children are unable to learn. We get to help them remember the past. Is that important? YES! By looking at the past and remembering, we see great times and good times and even difficult times and heartache. Why is that important? We get to see what worked and what didn't work. Through the younger generation we get a second chance. We have the ability to see if we can help them learn to make positive choices that help all people. This is our chance to really teach!

This summer, we decided to have our 4 and half year old granddaughter spend a few days with us - without her mommy and daddy! We decided to go to our 6 year old grandson's T-ball games whenever we can. We decided to take the younger children swimming and just to spend time with each child. This is how we celebrate our lives and their lives. This is how we share our wisdom and our lives. Happy Birthday to all of us!!!! Celebrate! Life is good!

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