What Scares You?

This is the time of year that we get invited to high school graduation parties. I must confess that we do not have as many as we used to since our own children have graduated already. Each year it can be a challenge to decide on the "perfect or right" gift for the new graduate. I want to congratulate yet also inspire this young person that has their whole world ahead of them. Is this my job? Probably not, but it is my intention nonetheless!

I have found a card that has a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt on it. It says, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Wow! This is kind of awe inspiring, right? Or - is it just scary! How do I make changes that will really impact the world? Is it even possible that someone like me can do that? The more I reflected on this and thought about it the scarier it got!

This is what I finally decided - if I make the changes I wish to see in myself, does that not change the world? Does this perhaps, change the world just a little bit at a time? My answer to myself was a resounding - YES! By making some positive changes in myself, I then affect change in the people around me. That's my thought anyway. So, what are some of those changes that I wish to make?

Of course, there are some personal things that I want to change. How about:

1. I would like to be more intentional about seeing my friends.

2. Help out my family more.

3. Volunteer more.

4. Exercise/get healthy

Wait! This is starting to sound a bit to me like New Year's resolutions. It's not what I really had in mind.

I decided to look at this a little bit differently. Even more personally. So I decided to make a bucket list. Some of the things on my bucket list really scare me - like zip lining across a beautiful gorge or water or a canyon! Even scuba diving - something I have always wanted to do - is scary. Even more scary, however, are some of the changes I would like to see in myself. Kind of like self-growth.

I have decided to take more time to meditate. Re-think and state my own values, beliefs and intentions. In other words, actively participate in my own self-care or emotional well-being. By doing that, I believe that I will then be more motivated to really pursue those things on my bucket list. I will be more motivated to making those changes that sound like resolutions. This will fill my own bucket which then allows me to help others fill theirs. Since that is a true value that I hold that's exciting!

Here's your challenge - What scares you most? Be the change YOU wish to see in the world. Excuse me now. I must go meditate.

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