Lazy Days of Summer

August. Typically the last month of summer. At this time of the year we often wonder where the summer has really gone! Although we often feel less stressed in the summer, this month reminds us that we better get going or we are not going to be able to do all those things that we really wanted to do!!! Oh no!!! What's on your "TO DO" list or even your "BUCKET LIST?" What have you not yet done this summer? Is it causing you to have anxiety? Let's figure out what we can do to enjoy the rest of summer and not feel as though we were cheated out of fun!

REMEMBER ROUTINE. Summer always seems as if we can forget about our routines and just "go with the flow." Most of the time, though, we still follow some type of routine. I know that summer means no school but my children still have to brush their teeth and wash their faces every day - summer or not! Notice what you usually do every morning and every evening and try to keep even a bit of a regular routine to those parts of your day. It feels better and therefore reduces stress!

TAKE TIME TO SIT. It is important to take time every day to just sit, breathe, and notice. If possible, do this outside. Nature has a way of allowing us to de-stress and rejuvenate. It's free! We really should just take a moment everyday - working or otherwise to sit and notice! It's a great way to ease one's anxiety and just stop to smell the roses!

PICK SOMETHING FUN. Make a deal with yourself to do one thing each week that you really want to do - something enjoyable. It's unrealistic to think that we all can "play" every day. But we often put things off by saying - "I'll do that when I have time." OR "I can try that when I'm not busy." Too often "sometime" just never comes. Make a list of a few things that you think you might enjoy. Maybe a museum, maybe a concert, or maybe a bike ride in a new area. Pick things that you can do with someone and also by yourself.

Summer isn't almost over! There's still time! Have some fun!

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