Change is possible.......and even good!

"I don't like change." I seem to hear that from a large percentage of my clients. I'm not sure who really likes change but it does seem inevitable. I think that we really have to decide if we are going to accept change and make our peace with it or if we will meet it kicking and screaming!!!

Change is inevitable. Just by living each day, we are tied to change - each second, each minute, each hour, each day. When I was younger it seemed exciting. Then it seemed scary. Now it just seems right. It means that I am alive and have new possibilities open before me.

Change is exciting. What's next? What should I study in school? Will I like my job? Where will I travel? What's in store for me? All of these questions open up possibilities that are endless. When I was in my 20's and 30's these were not only natural but felt "good." If something didn't work out, I could do something different - I could change.

Change is normal. I could keep fighting change but so far, it hasn't helped. Life still changes. So it was time to make "my peace" with change. By embracing life and celebrating change, I learned that I could really enjoy new places, new people and new experiences. Life is good!


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